Our horse Rina has heaves and it flares up really bad during the hot and humid weather. With  her being our first horse with this condition, we were new and a bit anxious about the flare ups. When we say flare up, we mean it. She gets really bad and it is not easy to watch her deal with.

Since her last major flare up and vet visit, we have learned a few tips and tricks to help her breathe a little easier during the tough times of the summer.

  • We keep her cool as best as we can. Hose downs and lots of shade seems to help her relax a bit during the heat. She seems to relax once her skin can cool down a bit!
  • Hydration!!! Rina for some reason doesn’t like to drink water on her own during these times which does not help her situation at all. We like to sprinkle electrolytes on her food or on some apple slices to help encourage her to drink more water.
  • Medicine – the vet has prescribed her some medicine to help with her lungs. We keep her on a schedule and even have a preventative routine to help avoid any major flare ups when we know we’re in for a wave of hot and humid weather.
  • As crazy as it may sound, Equi-Bow has helped us out big time with Rina’s lungs! Rina had the opportunity to be a case study for students studying to be equi-bow practitioners. This was a huge step forward for Rina’s health and we highly recommend trying it out for any horse. If you’re looking for more information on Equi-Bow, click here.
  • Soaked hay. We soak her hay and keep her outdoors 24/7 to avoid any contact with excessive dust and mold. We have seen this do wonders for her condition and highly recommend it.


If you have a horse that struggles with heaves, we would love to hear your tips! We are always looking to learn more and hear from everyone else.


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