My daughter and I had been searching for 5 years, for someone to help her deal with and over come the trauma she had experienced. We had been to multiple social workers, psychologists and child psychiatrists. Only to be disappointed every time. Then one day my friend came across this program on Facebook that integrated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with horses. We made an appointment and figure what do we have to lose? As Aleka walked out of the barn towards us my daughter said “she’s so young. How is she going to help me?” We spent an hour with Aleka, getting to know each other and my daughter spent time walking a horse around the arena. That hour changed her life. In that hour, Aleka and Mach the horse, gave her hope. She still had a lot of work to do. And it wasn’t going to be a cake walk, but for the first time in years, she believed that her life could be different from the darkness she was living. Over the past year, she has learned skills to cope with her anxiety. She has learned to identify her feelings and use healthy strategies to cope with them on a daily basis. She went from spending the entire day hiding from the world in her bed to graduating high school, and attending her first lecture in university. Every day is still a challenge, but with the help of the staff at Big Heart Equestrian, she believes in herself and her future. I will never be able to truly thank Aleka and the all of her horses, for all they have done for my daughter.