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In the mental health community, there was a gap. There was a lack of self-help based programs that allow people to participate in personal development, self-reflection, and transformational learning. We filled that gap.


The Big Heart Method provides the opportunity to learn about yourself and find wellness through experiential learning with horses and life coaching. Our coaches are trained with a focus on mental health coaching to equip our clients with the best coping skills and mechanisms to benefit their wellness journey. The program is tailored to your specific goals and needs; each and every experience our clients have are different in their own unique way.

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If you’re on the hunt for the perfect program to support your journey to happiness, wellness, and a fulfilled life then you have found it. Our method has had nothing but positive results and benefits to our clients; everyone achieves the wellness they want and deserve. As long as you’re willing to listen, the horses and our coaches will tell you everything you need to know.


4 - week

Sometimes it is hard to understand what anxiety really is and how it can be projected. In our 4-week private program we break it down to show our clients really what anxiety is and how they can take note of when they are feeling it.

In this program clients gain:

  • An understanding of what anxiety is
  • The history and reason why humans experience anxiety
  • A better understanding of how horses and dogs experience anxiety and how they project it
  • The necessary skills to recognize their own anxiety and some tools to calm themselves down.

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This program uses the Big Heart Method to help those dealing with anxiety learn to cope with the overwhelm that comes with feelings of anxiety.

In this program, clients will gain:

  • Skills to ground themselves when in anxious situations
  • New perspectives on their situations
  • Confidence in themselves and their skills
  • New insight into horse behaviour
  • Knowledge on how their emotion may be projecting outwards without them even knowing!

The list above is just a few things to make note of, every session brings new opportunities to learn and develop as an individual. To arrange your FREE consultation, please fill out the following information: