When all else fails, you call in the cavalry. That’s where we come in; to help you help yourself. We are the BHE Cavalry Unit.


BHE Cavalry Unit was designed in collaboration with veterans for veterans and first responders. This program offers an alternative, nonconventional and inspirational experience that encourages self-reflection and transformation. If you’re searching for something out of the ordinary and life-changing, this program is for you.

We wanted to put something together to make other vets feel a sense of belonging. This program is ideal for those integrating into civilian life and looking to understand themselves and what they are dealing with.
In this program clients will gain:

  • Knowledge on what exactly certain emotions and feelings are.
  • Confidence in themselves and their capabilities to control their emotions.
  • An understanding of horse mentality, behaviour and body language.
  • Skills and coping mechanisms to ground themselves in overwhelming environments.
  • Experience working hands-on with horses.
  • A “next steps” plan to assure they have all the resources they need to be successful after the program has ended.
  • A support team to reach out to.
  • A personalized aromatherapy program designed to fit your needs.

2 options:

A 6-week private program tailored to your personal needs and goals

1-day intensive (group program)

The veterans attending this program have the opportunity to be graciously sponsored by The North Wall Riders Association Steel City Chapter. Thank you, NWRASC for your support.

If you’re interested in applying for the program, please fill out the following: